Professional Dog Grooming Made Easy

I started my journey as a dog trainer in 2008 after spending time with friends in Alaska. My friends are dog mushers, dog trainers and groomers and I worked with them training sleddogs (Alaskan Huskies, shadowed in a dog parlour and trained dogs in Texas (2011) and Colorado (2014).

Dog-care-centre my first established business started off with 8 boarding kennels where I trained and looked after other peoples dogs while they went on holiday. My love and passion grew and so did the business. My hunger for knowledge was what gave me the drive to not only better my knowledge but also to be able to help more dogs. In 2011 I realized that there is a huge gab in the marked for pet friendly holiday accommodation and I established Barking Beach Cottage, Hermanus. This really became popular with pet dog owners.

At the end of 2014 I realized that we are grooming so many of our clients dogs on site while boarding with us and our clients kept on requesting that we open our own doggie parlour. They wanted to be able to bring their dogs to us even when they are not boarding with us. In February 2015 Happy Tails was launched and opened it's doors to the public.

Finally I was able to create a "spa" like atmosphere for dogs in a calm setting where we work with one to two dogs at a time. We are able to make use of essential oils, calming dog music and also use our positive reinforcement training skills and understanding of dog behaviour in our parlour in and effort to give each dog an relaxing and likeable experience while at the parlour.

Through the years of dog training and working with international dog trainers I have also come across amazing products; like the "Freedom - No Pull Harness, Zukes dog treats, Alpine Sledding gear and much more and now I had a location to bring all these products to the public.

In 2016 we went into business with a local veterinary practice and we stock a wide variety of veterinary products including tick and flea prevention, dog food like Royal Canin, Doggobone and more.

Through this site I do not only wish for it to be a means of contacting us for our service but also to give you an informative web site on grooming and general care of your pet.